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New Year's Resolutions and Attainability

New Year's resolutions are uplifting when we ponder them and begin our journey of change (in fitness, health, wellness, nutrition, finances, behaviors, personal development, new skills, and so forth). But the question is, are they truly attainable? And do they alter the way we behave or break our poor habits for the long-term?

Many of us are excited to compile our list of resolutions and are motivated to do them at the start of the new year. In order to achieve our goals, we must act on all the necessary mundane tasks which takes consistency, dedication, and discipline. All the mundane work can be boring, unfulfilling (in the moment), and tough physically and mentally; it can also seem like progress is absent, especially day-to-day. However, when we are aware of the little progressions and show up on days we don't feel driven, we are creating a new normal, with practices that will ensure our success.

What Determines our Success?

It has become a tradition to begin resolutions at the start of a new year. For some people this works really well in creating and maintaining change in oneself. For others, the desire only lasts a couple of months before the excitement wears off and old habits and lifestyles return.

So what separates those who achieve their resolutions and those who throw in the towel?

Consistency in all things

Achievers can take a task and run with it to its fullest potential. They visualize the change in their behavior, lifestyle, habits, health, image, and so forth. They do research on the most beneficial ways to achieve long-term success in an area of their lives they have given particular attention to. They read and listen to personal development books, podcasts, and videos; and they will experience success as long as the tools learned are being implemented in their day-to-day lives. These people are CONSISTENT through the hard days and weeks of mundane work. They do not falter in their new behaviors; they understand that true change occurs when they stick to their action plan no matter the case. Their MINDSET has completely transformed and they see the great advantage of delayed gratification.

Instant versus delayed gratification

When we begin to implement change in ourselves and lives, it can be so easy to alter our progress due to instant gratification. There are situations where the instant enjoyment or pleasure of something sounds too good that we take a momentary step away from the actions we have been doing to reach our goals. This frequently happens over holidays, special events, and peer pressure. In the moment, a certain situation sounds a lot more exciting than resisting the urge to participate in it. Too many occurrences of instant gratification can put a halt to anyone's ambitions and road to success.

DELAYED GRATIFICATON IS OUR ULTIMATE REWARD. Saying 'no' to the things which harm our continual growth and achievement will progress us farther, faster. We have to learn to decline the things that seem thrilling in the moment, but set us back in the long run. As we focus on delayed gratification, we can successfully achieve our goals, change our habits and behaviors, and learn new skills.

Quick fixes and their harm

As we set goals for ourselves, quick fixes are readily available and advertised for every occasion. The number one reason resolutions fail is due to this. Our culture has made us believe that we can change fast, with minimal effort, and with a quick fix. We are molded to believe that extra body weight can melt off with a pill or surgery; we can make money and build our own empire in the blink of an eye; we can instantly find love over the internet by swiping right; we can become fit solely through exercise; and so many more examples. Unfortunately, this is not how we change ourselves or our habits. QUICK FIXES ARE TEMPORARY and only apply a Band-Aid to the surface of the problem. Even though they sound desirable, easy, and helpful, in reality, they have been created to profit from our failures.

To truly change ourselves and the course of our lives without pause, we must look deeper at our limiting beliefs that hold us back from pursuing our ambitions. Consistent action to improve is what will launch us forward, even when setbacks and discouragement arise.

Environment and its impact

When we are on the road to change, we have to change the atmosphere that acts against that change. If we want to lose weight, we need to ditch the unhealthy foods, snacks, and drinks in the house; we need to find a method of physical activity that brings us enjoyment and satisfaction; and we need to learn to prepare better meals and cease fast foods. If we want to increase our income, we need to educate ourselves about finances, how to save, and create streams of income; we need to surround ourselves with successful individuals that can mentor us along the way. If we want to be in a profession that we love, we have to take risks in order for that to happen. It isn't healthy to remain in a job that negatively impacts our emotional and physical health.

It is necessary to GET OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONES to pursue growth, learning, and flourishment in that which brings us greater health and happiness.

Is There a Prime Time to Begin a Resolution?

Our tradition of beginning resolutions at the start of the year does not mean that is the only time you can begin your journey of change. We can change our circumstances, behaviors, lifestyles, health and wellness, and finances ANY TIME OF THE YEAR. We can learn a new skill or profession any time of the year.

We inflict harm on ourselves by making excuses to not change because we are waiting for January 1st. There is nothing holding you back, other than your mindset and expectations. You control how you grow and develop; you control your mindset when setbacks occur; you control how you react to your perceived expectations and their outcome; you control every aspect of YOU and YOUR LIFE. Start today what you have been putting off every day. You will find joy and reward in the process.

As you ponder and compose your resolutions, and starting a new form of fitness is on your list, we invite you to come try a class at Beautiful Bodies. We are welcoming, non-judgmental, and fun. You will enjoy your time here and all the exciting things you will learn. You'll gain lasting friendships, confidence, strength, flexibility, and knowledge; just to name a few.

We offer regular classes, private lessons, and beginner courses. We want everyone to thrive! Sign up on our website and begin your new fitness journey with us today!

With all my support,

Bree Fernelius

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