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Holistic Nutrition and Health

Holistic nutrition is in the realm of functional medicine, which is patient-centered and addresses the root cause of chronic and acute illnesses to restore a person to complete health. Holistic nutrition incorporates all aspects of wellness to achieve optimal health, which include the mind, body, and spirit. It focuses on a natural approach to a healthy diet (foods in their most pure and unprocessed forms), along with positive lifestyle behaviors. Our emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing are so powerful that illnesses are either created out of balance, or cured by coming back into balance.

There is no 'one solution fits all' approach when it comes to our health and wellness. We all have imbalances specific to our own self and lifestyle. Holistic nutrition enables us to take charge of our health and bring our body back into balance; by focusing on prevention, holistic living, environmental factors, and the mind/body/spirit connection. To prevent and treat ailments holistically, we consume natural and wholesome foods, minerals, vitamins, and herbs, participate in regular physical activity and self-care practices, learn positive self-talk, create a clear and clean environment, meditate to reduce stress, and more.

Bree's Holistic Wellness Journey

In 2016, Bree was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. It happened quickly after ceasing birth control pills so that she and her husband could begin their own family. Up until that point in her life, she did not realize how important it was that her body become balanced through natural means. Bree saw a naturopath so that she could avoid any unnecessary surgeries and to ultimately heal her gut. She had never agreed with the treating of symptoms that Western medicine depends on; she knew there had to be a better way toward greater health and longevity. As Bree saw her naturopath, she was prescribed with an elimination diet (and later a whole foods diet), specific gut-healing supplements and herbs, stress relief tactics, acupuncture, massage, and emotional support. Bree learned so much about the importance of taking care of her whole self (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and how to become balanced to achieve a healthy state of being. She was grateful for holistic health and the knowledge she had obtained. After about 1 year, she was in remission and decided it was time to begin her family. Her body was healthy to carry both her first and second child without any flare ups or other health concerns. Through her own healing, Bree knows how beneficial holistic nutrition and health is to every single person. She decided to help others who struggle with their health, find their optimal balance toward complete wellness. She truly knows holistic nutrition and wellness can prevent and cure acute and chronic illnesses and diseases.  Bree is a certified holistic nutritionist. She would love to be a part of your journey toward a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. Please fill out the form below or contact her by email or phone (480-685-4644) for more information and to set up your first session.



Initial Session

90 minutes - $140 

Single Session

60 minutes - $80


Bundled Sessions **after initial session** 

Six 1-hour sessions: $450 (valid for 60 days)

Ten 1-hour sessions: $700 (valid for 90 days)

Offered Services

~ Customized Meal Plans

~ Athlete Meal Plans

~ Grocery Store Tours

~ Positive Lifestyle Changes

~ Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

~ Greater Overall Health and Wellness

Would you like to learn more about our Holistic Nutrition program? If so, please fill out this form and we will contact you soon.

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