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*75 minutes*


Pole Fitness 1


This is the starting place for you to explore fundamental pole fitness skills. No previous experience in pole fitness or dance is required. You will begin to play with combinations of movements, spins and pole flow; all while gaining more strength and endurance as pole conditioning is incorporated. Before moving on to pole fitness 3, you will need to have a solid pole climb and be able to invert (go upside down) into a crucifix.   

Pole Fitness 2


In pole fitness 2, you will learn an outside and inside leg hang, butterfly, superman, and many other new skills. Pole conditioning, perfecting pole 1 skills (beginner), and upside down tricks will be the focus of this class. It is highly recommended that you have a solid handstand and forearm stand before moving to pole fitness 3 (advanced).

Pole Fitness 3

Advanced 1

In pole fitness 3, you will take your inversions to the next level by learning more advanced skills and transitions. You will also have a deeper understanding of the way you prefer to move. Aerial inverts, handsprings/ayeshas, and shoulder mounts will be taught in this class.

Pole Fitness 4

Advanced 2

In pole fitness 4, you will continue to expand on skills taught in pole 3 (advanced 1). Aerial shoulder mounts, janeiros, elbow ayeshas, table tops, various grip switches, deadlifts, muscles ups, and power spins will be taught in pole 4 (advanced 2).

Pole Flips & Handstands

This class is designed to challenge advanced students. We cover a variety of pole flips and handstands in this class. If you are afraid of flipping (or falling) this class with teach you to overcome those fears. You will realize how capable you truly are in executing these skills, both physically and mentally. *You must be currently enrolled in pole fitness 3 classes in order to take this class.

Pole Strength & Conditioning

In pole conditioning class, you will use the pole and your surrounding space to strengthen and tone small and large muscle groups. Expect to be challenged and leave feeling accomplished and stronger. *This class is for all levels. The instructor will modify for any person that needs modifications, ensuring that you execute moves safely while getting a great workout in.

Pole Dance Choreography

In this space, you'll combine your mind and body to your surroundings. You will learn a choreographed piece, while simultaneously enhancing your mobility, control, musicality, and expression. Slow down, sense more, and then let it all out. Come be creative, vulnerable and passionate. *You must be comfortable with pole fitness 1 skills and transitions before attending this class. Socks and leggings are required.

Pole Dance Sensuality

Here, you will integrate your natural beauty with sensual and feminine movement and dance (through mind and body connection and expression). Each class will have set choreography, along with freestyle segments. This class contains exotic components of dance, and is a safe place to explore what sexy or sensual dance means and feels like to you. *You must be comfortable with pole fitness 1 skills and transitions before attending this class. Heels and knee pads are recommended.

*60 minutes*


Dance Technique

Dance technique focuses on proper dance skills, turns, jumps, leaps, and so forth; as well as, conditioning exercises to improve the strength and flexibility needed to amplify these dance skills. *Please bring either socks, dance shoes, or foot undies, as well as water. Leggings are acceptable attire in this class.

Yoga Flow

Beginner Yoga flow is designed to link our breath and movement together with a focus on developing mind-body connection. We will move through a series of shapes designed to increase our strength and improve our range of motion, as well as prevent injuries. *Please bring a mat, water, and towel. Blocks and straps are optional, but are beneficial to a yoga practice.

Dance Choreo

Dance choreography allows you to discover your natural rhythm while moving to different dance styles. Each class will focus on a different form of dance, such as jazz, contemporary, lyrical, modern, etc. If you were a dancer in your youth and miss the freedom dancing provides, this is the perfect class for you! *Dance shoes are encouraged (jazz shoes, foot undies, socks). Knee pads and leggings are also welcomed. Please bring water.


Our acrobatic classes focus on learning and mastering the ability to use your own body to create movement, shapes, and balance. You will improve your overall fitness with just your own body weight. We practice handstands, cartwheels, front and back walkovers, front and back handsprings, partner acrobatics, and much more. *​We provide safety mats during every class. Tight fitted clothing is highly recommended.


Our flexibility classes are ideal for any level of flexibility. This class is designed to increase range of motion and flexibility in our joints and muscles. We focus on both active and passive flexibility exercises. We regularly stretch our splits (front and middle), hips, back (upper, middle and lower), chest, shoulders, feet (toe point), and everything else in between. We stretch individually and with partners. We use yoga blocks, yoga straps, bands, and the wall to further extend our flexibility. *A yoga mat and water are required.

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