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Why Pole Certification?

A pole certified instructor means more than obtaining a certificate at the conclusion of the training. Just as a general fitness trainer needs certain qualifications to teach others, so does a student who is wanting to teach pole dance fitness. Being certified is extremely beneficial for both instructor and student.


Key Benefits of Being Pole Certified

1) You will have a deeper understanding of various pole skills and their proper execution. Before I was pole certified through the Pole Fitness Alliance (PFA), I had a fairly good perspective relating to pole skills and transitions, along with dance movement; however, once I took my own pole certification course, my perspective expanded. I truly grasped the complexity of pole skills, transitions, movement, dance, safety, alignment, and technique.

2) Choreography will become easier to create and interpret. During the course of your certification, you will learn to count and move to the beat of the music. Listening to, and counting the beat of each measure, will help you grow as a dancer and instructor. Deeply feeling (and interpreting) your own unique style of movement is crucial for your self expression. Combining musicality with your individual dance technique will significantly broaden your practice.

3) As an instructor, you gain a deeper sense and understanding of yourself. This is where I see limitless value in being pole certified. Before I was an instructor, I solely trained for my own advancement. I posted my videos on social media to show others my skills and how talented I felt I was. Once I decided to share my talents and teach others, I felt very overwhelmed with gratitude for my students. They enlighten me about myself, who I am, and what my 'why' is; they push me forward even when I hit roadblocks; they inspire me to train harder; and they sincerely complete me with happiness. I feel honored to learn from each one of my students.

4) Being certified amplifies your own training and advancement. When I went through my certification, I left with exceptional knowledge pertaining to major skills and transitions. This education was worth every penny spent as my own practice has been enhanced. Because I have seen how impactful the information I gained from my certification has been, I continually develop my knowledge in terms of proper technique and execution in movement of our bodies. Being certified pushes me to train consistently, at my current level, and with purpose.

5) You will recognize your own pole style and what fulfills you most while practicing. When I first began my pole journey, I only did skills and transitions that I was taught in a studio. I had a home pole but I hardly ever used it. When I did, I felt lost and all of the sudden, uncertain of all the knowledge I knew. After having my first son, my only feasible option was to train at home. As I began to practice pole again, I did the same skills and routines I did before taking a long break. As I regained confidence, I began to teach myself from inspiration on Instagram. I participated in many pole challenges to learn new skills and different transitions. When training roadblocks hit (which they do), I became overwhelmed with all the endless learning material on the internet. It was not until I went through my own pole certification, that I truly understood what skills tamed my focus and reinvigorated my desire to practice. For me, this is handstands and any skills relating to gymnastics. As I went through my certification, I identified this in myself; and now I hardly have roadblocks in my personal training and growth.

6) You have the opportunity to teach other excited and passionate students. This is the greatest blessing to having a pole certification. I did not realize, until I taught classes, how much of a positive influence my students have over me and my choices. Being an instructor has provided me the opportunity to inspire and change the course of one's life for the better, contribute to our growing community of strong and empowering individuals, and learn from my students each day. Instructing (and owning a studio) has given me a clearer purpose in my life, which pushes me to learn, grow, and develop in ways that will undoubtedly impact more people. I love inspiring my students to live healthier lives through fitness, proper nutrition, and positive mental space. When we are whole as a person, we can conquer everything life throws our way.

7) Investing in yourself, your education, and future will take you to higher places. Education is our most significant tool, if we utilize it toward our growth and happiness. Education takes us to higher places when we implement what we learn in our daily habits and choices. The greatest education in personal development is investing in ourselves and our continued learning; it is what provides us with the desire to do and be better. Before I was certified and invested in courses and material that advances me and my life, I lived each day without a larger purpose; I was not focused, and I felt stuck at a roadblock, not knowing how to maneuver past it. I did not correlate my unfulfillment with my lack of consistent learning and education. I dug deeper and realized my issues resulted from a lack of investment in myself and my deeper ambitions. This is when I decided to become pole certified. It was one of the greatest achievements in my life, which also continues to influence my students and their accomplishments. Being pole certified has pushed me to expand my knowledge and attain credentials in various aspects of health and wellness.


What's Next?

If you are ready to expand your knowledge and become a certified pole instructor, then sign up for our next certification course at our studio! We would love to have you join our community of influential instructors!

With great love and support,

Bree Fernelius

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