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Welcome to Beautiful Bodies

Beautiful Bodies Fitness has a welcoming atmosphere for every student that comes through our doors.​ All of our instructors are dedicated to assisting you and your fitness and health goals. Every pole instructor is certified through the Pole Fitness Alliance (PFA). We strive to make fitness enjoyable and challenging. Pole dance fitness allows us to express ourselves in such a liberating manner as we build our confidence, strength, endurance, and coordination. All offered classes (pole and non-pole) are designed to empower you and your individuality. We want you to feel accomplished at the end of each class, where you are dying to come back for more. 


With every class, we are deepening our physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual selves, which positively shines through in all aspects of our lives. We gain a sense of achievement each time we complete our goals, both big and small. We have created a great community, where everyone is supported, loved, and encouraged by our Beautiful Bodies family.

Beautiful Bodies Fitness will officially open its new studio space in October 2022. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us by email or phone (texting is welcomed).


Meet Our Beautiful Instructors


Bree Fernelius

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Bree, the owner, began her pole journey in June of 2017. She came from a competitive gymnastics and dance background and was searching for a sport that would allow her to express herself the way she has always felt the most comfortable. She quickly realized that pole dance fitness filled that void and has impacted all areas of her life in such a positive light. She gained confidence, self-love, patience, increased happiness, a greater sense of health, and so much more. Pole fitness is truly one of her greatest passions.  Bree wanted to provide a safe space for all those seeking an atmosphere where they can create, grow, feel comfortable in their own skin, and genuinely be themselves; so she created Beautiful Bodies. Bree is a level 1, 2 & 3 certified pole instructor through the Pole Fitness Alliance (PFA); with whom she is also a Master Trainer for Arizona. Bree is also a Certified Holistic Nutritionist through the AFPA, as well as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. ​ Bree is happily married, has two young boys, and loves to inspire others to find for themselves the joys in their lives. 


Alisa Misevich

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Alisa was interested in pole as a teenager but was not aware of classes or studios at the time. Years later, she saw a Facebook advertisement about Beautiful Bodies and immediately signed up for her first class. Alisa has been on the pole since June 2020. She does not have a dance or gymnastics background but is adamant about fitness. Alisa's favorite aspect about pole fitness is that it is challenging: mentally, physically, and emotionally. Alisa is a level 1 & 2 PFA certified instructor. In Alisa's spare time she enjoys horseback riding, traveling, scuba diving, and photography.


Amber Depirro

Amber discovered yoga 13 years ago in college. Always being drawn back to the practice over the years she decided to pursue Yoga teacher training and completed becoming a RYT 200 in early 2021. To her, Yoga brings a sense of peace and a chance to challenge the mind and body together. She believes Yoga is for everyone. Each practice is a chance to learn more about ourselves. ​ Amber is passionate about health and fitness. She is an ACE certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach. She enjoys traveling, being outdoors, and cooking. She is married and has 2 cats.


Angela Nagle

Angela started her pole fitness journey in January 2021. It was a new, interesting, and seemingly fun way to work out. She started with the 3-week beginner course and fell in love. Since then, she has grown to enjoy it more and more with each class. She decided to become certified to help others discover a new and fun way to exercise. Angela is a level 1 PFA certified instructor. Angela has a background in dance and gymnastics. She is born and raised in Arizona and absolutely loves the heat. Reading, hiking, playing with her puppy, and adventuring with her fiancé are some of her favorite things to do. 


Eudelia Duran

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Eudelia 'Sunshine' began her pole journey at the age of 45. She has dabbled in a little bit of everything; ranging from tennis, cheer, softball, and volleyball. She moved a little out of her comfort zone when she signed up for her first pole class, but was glad she did. Pole has become one of her favorite activities. The strength and empowerment it has given her (both emotionally and physically) has allowed her to gain confidence and rid herself of limits. She desired to become a certified instructor, in hopes of helping others experience these same feelings. Sunshine is a level 1 certified PFA instructor. Sunshine has spent most her life raising her 5 children. She also has 3 grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing softball league, and loves her position as a Legal Support Supervisor. The last line of one of favorite poems has been her inspiration to keep pressing forward in all that she does and she hopes her teaching will pass on this same empowerment to others, “Believe in yourself and in your plan, say not, I cannot, but I CAN! The prizes of life we fail to win because we doubt the power within”.


Kaleigh Stilchen

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With a cheer and dance background, Kaleigh naturally gravitated toward pole fitness. From the onset of her pole journey, she quickly found that it embodies beauty, grace, strength, flexibility, and most importantly, an immeasurable level of reward, both physically and mentally. As a level 1 PFA certified instructor, Kaleigh looks forward to sharing her passion for pole fitness and encouraging other individuals to lean into their self-expression; which is too often lost in our day-to-day identities. When Kaleigh isn’t in the studio, she works as a Paralegal and is a mother to two adolescent girls. She is passionate about fitness, music, anything outdoors, and raising confident little women.


Kari Ruiz

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Kari began her pole fitness journey only a short time ago, but it has been a long time in the making. She spent the ages of 3 to 12 competitively dancing before taking a fourteen year hiatus from body movement. During that time she got her degree in teaching and adopted two loving dogs who she babies more than children. In 2018, she began taking aerial art classes, bouncing between hammock, lyra, silks, and trapeze with whatever suited her mood at the time. An invitation from a friend to her first pole class started her interest in pole fitness where she has used her aerial skills and strength to quickly master this new apparatus. Kari loves pole fitness due to the fact that each class presents a new challenge and provides a feeling of accomplishment every time she goes. Kari is a level 1 PFA certified instructor.


Kendyl Barshter

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Kendyl began her pole journey in October 2020 while residing in Connecticut. She took a brief hiatus while relocating back to Arizona; but since finding Beautiful Bodies in April 2022, she has been consistent in her pole training again. Kendyl grew up doing both gymnastics and dance, and quickly realized that pole fitness was a unique means to continue to grow in the sports that she has always known and loved. She enjoys pole fitness as it challenges her physically, but also requires a commitment to her mental and emotional growth. Kendyl is a level 1 & 2 PFA certified instructor and is excited to see this type of growth in her students as well. Kendyl is an Arizona native, and in her spare time she enjoys exploring her home state, being outdoors, dancing, working out, traveling, and spending time with friends, family, and her cat, Buckwheat.


Mckenna Wilson

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McKenna started her pole journey in January 2021. She had just moved to Arizona. She knew Bree from Utah and decided to take a class with her. McKenna instantly fell in love with pole and has loved seeing her strength and flexibility increase with this exciting sport. She loved that she reconnected with an old friend and has made several new friends by coming to Beautiful Bodies. Mckenna enjoys teaching others how to do pole and see the benefits for themselves. Mckenna is a level 1 & 2 PFA certified instructor. McKenna lives in Surprise with her husband and 2 pitbulls. She has a gymnastics background and loves to run, as well as other physical activities. She loves to travel with her husband and is addicted to Dr. Pepper and french fries.


Payton Meduna

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Payton began her pole journey in August of 2021. She immediately fell in love with pole and progressed quickly. She has an extensive background in dance and cheerleading. Pole dance fitness was one way she could continue to stay in shape and have loads of fun in the process. She is enthusiastic for her students, as they discover new and exciting aspects about themselves. Payton is a level 1 PFA certified instructor. Payton was born and raised in Arizona and absolutely loves it here. In her free time she likes to play video games, socialize with her friends, and of course, practice pole. 


Samantha Fryer

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Samantha started her pole journey in January 2021. She has no prior dance, gymnastics, or sport background and struggled to find a physical activity that she enjoyed enough to keep up with. She attended the beginner pole fitness course with Bree and immediately fell in love with the sport. She enjoys the challenge that pole provides and loves the positive changes to her body. After starting pole, Samantha’s confidence in herself and her body image has skyrocketed. She wishes to help others feel confident in themselves through teaching pole fitness. Samantha is a level 1 & 2 PFA certified instructor. Samantha is a wife, mother to one son, and works full time as an IT Program Manager. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, baking, pole fitness, playing video games, and relaxing with her three dogs watching crime documentaries.


Savannah Gomez

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Savannah began her pole fitness journey in July 2020 after a few years of bed rest due to health issues. She developed a love and respect for pole fitness; and wants to spread the knowledge and joy she has gained to other students. Savannah wishes for everyone to know, that no matter where your starting point is, anything you desire in life is possible as long as you begin. Savannah is a level 1 & 2 PFA certified instructor. Savannah is a wife and mom to two boys. She is an Arizona native residing in Buckeye. She and her husband own a landscaping company together. She enjoys pole fitness, horseback riding, hiking, crafts, attending farmers markets, and researching holistic health and nutrition. 



"I have known Bree for years and she is truly an amazing person! I have had an on again off again relationship with pole and this past month of working with Bree has truly been a blessing. She helped me rediscover my love for the sport and consistently encourages me to dig down deep and reach my full potential. In just a few short weeks, Bree has managed to help me increase my endurance and find the inner confidence that sometimes goes lacking. I highly recommend Beautiful Bodies to anyone looking to find a fun, creative way to workout, build strength, and confidence!"


"From the first moment I met Bree, I was impressed by her talent and in awe of her passion. I have known her for many years-both as a friend and as my pole instructor. Bree is always the first to encourage and the last to let you give up. Her beautiful words of encouragement give you strength even when you are upside down & tangled in knots. I have been doing pole fitness for 3 years and there is no place I would rather call home than the Beautiful Bodies studio. It is a loving and safe place to come dance your heart out, sweat out your stress, and be surrounded by gorgeous souls all supporting each other!"


"Pole dancing is one of those sports that can be a little intimidating when you start and I have to admit that even after a few years, even I struggle with my own insecurities. But since I've started taking classes with Bree, her motivation and patience has helped me start seeing past them. As an instructor, Bree is not only inspiring, but with every class she is always positive in helping you find the ability and strength to become the best version of a pole dancer that you can be. I can honestly say that at Beautiful Bodies, you will find a studio that will encourage you, challenge you, and help you grow in many ways." 


"As a guy who hates working out in the gym this is a really fun way to exercise. Bryanna is a great instructor who teaches very well, which is good considering I have no dance or gymnastics back ground. I went with my wife and we both really enjoy it."


"Absolutely love! Best workout I’ve ever gotten. I’m an ADHD type at the gym and never felt like I got a complete workout. I’ve gained so much strength and confidence since beginning in July of 2020. I love it so much, I decided to get certified myself! So grateful to be a part of the Beautiful Bodies family! If you are looking for a good workout, a way to boost your self-esteem, and a good group of friends, then this is it!"


"Pole dance is great for all ability levels and the teachers at Beautiful Bodies are so friendly and welcoming! Beyond the physical benefits, the amount of laughs and friendships made is well worth it. Give it a try - you'll keep coming back!"


"Very open and encouraging environment. Everyone is really nice and trustworthy. I like how we are challenged to be better for ourselves. I also like how people will help you out whenever you need it. Pole fitness is a very fun sport, and Bree does an awesome job at running things to be as smooth as possible!"


'"I can’t wait for the studio to open!! I’ve taken classes with Bree for over a year now. She is an amazing teacher. Pole fitness is also an amazing full body workout. Try it!!! You won’t regret it!"


"Bree, my instructor, has been nothing short of encouraging, inspiring and motivating! Every instructor is certified to keep you safe and exceptionally knowledgeable about the body. They are also remarkably personable and trustworthy. I couldn't picture myself gaining the confidence and skills that I have anywhere else!"


"Best way to have fun while getting a great work out! I'm a girl that was never in dance, gymnastics, cheer, etc. so starting classes was going way out of my 'comfort' zone, however they make you feel so comfortable in the beautiful body you were given. These classes have helped me learn to love and embrace myself. It's also the best way to meet great friends!"


"I love learning and teaching at Beautiful Bodies! Bree is a wonderful, sweet, and amazing instructor and owner, and she does her absolute best to make the environment a comfortable and fun place for everyone who walks through the door. Bree's studio feels like a second home and we all have very quickly become a loving and supportive second family to one another."

KARI RUIZ - 2021

"Beautiful Bodies is a family. All of the instructors are absolutely wonderful and encouraging. This studio is HOME. There is absolutely NO JUDGEMENT, only LOVE. I have never loved myself so much and it’s truly because of this place. I’ve only been attending classes for a month, but in that time, I have changed a lot physically and mentally. I 100% highly recommend and encourage any person who is interested in pole fitness to at least give BBF a try! You don’t need strength or talent or experience to jump on the train, you just need to show up and try your best. We have a saying, “no one said it had to be graceful” and it truly changes your perspective. I’m so happy to be a part of this family and I am looking forward to more learning and love to come!"


"Bree is an amazing instructor and business owner! I absolutely love the energy! It’s calming, supportive, and I feel so light when I am there. You meet so many wonderful women that help lift you up. Another benefit is that we get together outside of class to form friendships. Very grateful I walked into Beautiful Bodies Pole Dance Fitness. I feel like I found my home."


"Beautiful Bodies is a Community.. one of those ones that gives you so much sense of safety, but also so much inspiration. I am not sure what you are missing in your life but I promise you will find it here. Bree and every one of her instructors give you the time and space to slow down and learn who you are… what your body and mind are capable of. I struggle with PTSD and child abuse. Through just knowing these women and creating connections, I have really changed my mental health, my physical health and the way I feel about myself. When I first started I was was weak, had poor eating habits, negative thoughts, deficient in Vitamin D, and ready to just give up on life with so many other issues. I am currently on cloud 9 with so much more to thrive for. I have fight in me again!"





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"We are all BEAUTIFUL in our own BODIES."

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