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Beautiful Bodies embraced its members in April 2020. Bree, the owner, currently offers classes at her home studio in Surprise, AZ. She will open a larger studio space in 2021. 

Beautiful Bodies has a welcoming atmosphere for each individual.​ Pole dance fitness is truly for everyone; of any size, age, and fitness level. We strive to make fitness enjoyable and challenging. Pole dance fitness allows us to express ourselves in such a liberating manner as we build our confidence, strength, endurance, and coordination. Handstands and acrobatics encourage us to learn, and be comfortable with, balancing upside down; as well as deeply understanding our bodies and how we can move them. 


With every class, we are expanding our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves that shines through in all aspects of our lives. We gain a sense of achievement and accomplishment each time we hit our goals, both big and small. This sport has created a magnificent community in which we are all supported and encouraged by our pole family. Beautiful Bodies is honored to contribute to our growing pole community of strong and empowering women, men, teens, and children.


Meet Our Beautiful Instructors

Bree Fernelius

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Bree, the owner, began her pole journey in June of 2017. She came from a competitive gymnastics and dance background and was searching for a sport that would allow her to express herself the way she has always felt the most comfortable. She quickly realized that pole dance fitness filled that void and has impacted all areas of her life in such a positive light. She gained confidence, self-love, patience, increased happiness, a greater sense of health, and so much more. Pole fitness is truly one of her greatest passions. 


Bree wanted to provide a safe space for all those seeking an atmosphere where they can create, grow, feel comfortable in their own skin, and genuinely be themselves; so she created Beautiful Bodies. 

Bree is happily married, has two baby boys, and loves to inspire others to find for themselves the joys in their lives. 



"I have known Bree for years and she is truly an amazing person! I have had an on again off again relationship with pole and this past month of working with Bree has truly been a blessing. She helped me rediscover my love for the sport and consistently encourages me to dig down deep and reach my full potential. In just a few short weeks, Bree has managed to help me increase my endurance and find the inner confidence that sometimes goes lacking. I highly recommend Beautiful Bodies to anyone looking to find a fun, creative way to workout, build strength, and confidence!"


"From the first moment I met Bree, I was impressed by her talent and in awe of her passion. I have known her for many years-both as a friend and as my pole instructor. Bree is always the first to encourage and the last to let you give up. Her beautiful words of encouragement give you strength even when you are upside down & tangled in knots. I have been doing pole fitness for 3 years and there is no place I would rather call home than the Beautiful Bodies studio. It is a loving and safe place to come dance your heart out, sweat out your stress, and be surrounded by gorgeous souls all supporting each other!"


"Pole dancing is one of those sports that can be a little intimidating when you start and I have to admit that even after a few years, even I struggle with my own insecurities. But since I've started taking classes with Bree, her motivation and patience has helped me start seeing past them. As an instructor, Bree is not only inspiring, but with every class she is always positive in helping you find the ability and strength to become the best version of a pole dancer that you can be. I can honestly say that at Beautiful Bodies, you will find a studio that will encourage you, challenge you, and help you grow in many ways." 


"I have been taking pole classes with Bree for 4 months now and I am absolutely in love. She is such an amazing instructor, she makes everything look so graceful, she is super helpful and will be your cheerleader every time!!! I love pole fitness! It makes me feel confident, sexy and strong. I think Beautiful Bodies is such an amazing place and will always continue to practice my new favorite hobby."


"As a guy who hates working out in the gym this is a really fun way to exercise. Bryanna is a great instructor who teaches very well, which is good considering I have no dance or gymnastics back ground. I went with my wife and we both really enjoy it."





Beautiful Bodies is currently at Bree's home in Surprise, AZ. Once you book your first class, you will receive an email with the address details. 

"We are all BEAUTIFUL in our own BODIES."

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