Registration Policy

By creating a profile and registering for classes, courses, and privates, you are agreeing to all policies, terms and conditions set by Beautiful Bodies Fitness, now and in the future. This includes, but is not limited to, membership agreements, terms of service, waiver of liability release, late cancel policies, and scheduling requirements.

Cancellation Policy

Beautiful Bodies has a 24 hour cancellation policy. Early Cancel: Canceling or rescheduling your class 24 hours or more before your class start time results in no penalty. Late Cancel: If you cancel within 24 hours of your class start time, you will be charged the full amount of the class (no refunds will be made). If you purchased a class pass, course, or have a monthly membership, 1 class will be lost. No Shows: Anyone who does not show up for their scheduled class without notification results in the loss of that class.


NO refunds or transfers can be made within this 24 hour cancellation policy. However, services are transferable BEFORE the late cancellation policy goes into effect. It is your responsibility to be aware of the expiration date of any class pass or monthly membership that you have purchased. The expiration date will not be extended. There are NO refunds available on any of our class passes, monthly memberships, private lessons, or courses.

Late Arrival Policy

Pole dance fitness, handstands, and flexibility classes all incorporate full body exercise, and warming up properly is very critical. If you are more than 5 minutes late to class, for your safety, you will not be able to participate. If you do fall in this category, then you will have to reschedule and the cancellation policy will apply. We recommend arriving to class at least 5 minutes before the scheduled class time. If you know that you will be unable to stay for the full length of the class, we ask that you reschedule your class time to a day and time where you can dedicate yourself to the full 60 or 75 minutes. 

Low Registration Policy

If there is only 1 student signed up in a class 2 hours before class starts, the instructor/owner will personally ask students to switch to another time (if applicable). If switching times does not apply to that day, the class will be canceled (with no penalty) and that pass will be credited back to your account to be used for another class.

Monthly Membership Cancellation Policy

Those with a monthly membership, if at any point you need to cancel your monthly membership and automatic payment, please fill out our cancellation form at least 10 days before the next scheduled payment occurs. You can submit this form via email at beautifulbodiesaz@gmail.com or in person at the studio. If Beautiful Bodies is not notified in writing at least 10 days before the auto payment takes place, there will be no refunds given.

Age Policy

Adults ages 16+ are responsible to read, understand, and sign our waiver of release. Our youth ages 10-16 must have written permission from a parent or guardian; as well as their signature on our waiver form. We love teaching our youth pole dance fitness, handstands and gymnastics skills, flexibility, and calisthenics. Learning about health and wellness at a young age is very important and Beautiful Bodies is the perfect place to do so! Pole sensuality is the only class our youth may not participate in. 

*Beautiful Bodies Fitness reserves the right to refuse service to ANYONE.