What do I wear or bring to class?

For pole fitness classes: we recommend that you wear shorts and a tight fitted tank top and sports bra. We need as much skin as possible to be able to grip the pole with our legs, arms, and sides. Nonetheless, we do want you to feel comfortable! Just be aware that leggings and long sleeve tops lead to a lack of grip. We are barefoot in pole fitness classes

For pole dance technique and sensuality classes: heels (with straps) are acceptable in pole sensuality classes. In dance technique, we recommend socks. For both classes wear shorts and leggings. Depending on the instructor's choreography, you may need one over the other.

For flexibility, handstands, yoga, and strength training classes: we require a yoga mat and water. We recommend yoga blocks and straps for flexibility and yoga classes. You can choose to wear shorts or leggings. Please bring you own towel if you sweat a lot.


For your safety, and the safety of other students, NO LOTION is to be worn at least 24 hours before a pole class. Since we live in Arizona, where it is dry, we recommend ALOE VERA GEL as an alternative body moisturizer. Also, NO jewelry (rings or bracelets). These scratch the surface of the poles.

**Undergarments alone are not acceptable attire.**

Are there any constrictions to participating in pole or handstands?

Although pole is exciting, you should not participate in this sport unless you are considered in good health by your health care provider. Some conditions that cause a conflict with pole and handstands are: pregnancy, C-section recovery, extreme vertigo, and glaucoma. For pregnancy and C-section recovery: unless you have consistently participated in these activities, we ask that you wait until the end of your pregnancy to try pole or handstands. We will be here after your have your baby, have healed properly, and are cleared to do exercise. For extreme vertigo: you are more than welcome to try, however, it may be a challenge due to extreme sensitivity to movement. Please communicate this with your instructor. For those with glaucoma: inverting (or going upside down) can put strain on the inner-ocular pressure of the eye, and has been determined unsafe by medical professionals. If you have this condition, please let your instructor know and they can give you skills to do where you are only upright.


Do I need dance experience in order to pole dance? 

Absolutely not. You will learn everything you need to in our classes. Pole dance fitness is a sport (an art form) that incorporates gymnastics, dance, yoga, pilates and overall athleticism to enhance health and fitness. 


Is pole dance fitness safe? 

Just in any sport or physical activity, there is always an element of risk. When you first begin your pole dance journey, you will likely experience bruises (we call them pole kisses). As you come more consistently, your skin will become accustomed to the pole, and the bruises will become less, to non-existent. You will also form callouses on your hands and experience sore muscles. It is important to listen to your body and take proper actions to rest and recover; such as taking epsom salt baths, stretching, resting, and staying hydrated.

I do not have upper body strength. Will this be an issue?

In all of our classes, we focus on building strength overall. With more practice and consistency, you will gain strength and stability in your upper body, core, lower body, and everywhere else in between. All of our offered classes focus on strength, stability, endurance, balance, and coordination.


I am not flexible. Do we focus on flexibility? 

No matter your flexibility level, we offer focused flexibility classes. We also begin and end each class with stretching. Just as building strength takes time, so does flexibility, so just enjoy the process. Our flexibility classes focus on lengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments and actively engaging the small muscles that we often do not use on a regular basis. We will cover elements of both active and passive flexibility in this class.

We also offer yoga classes to deepen our mind-body connection. In each yoga class, we will increase strength and our range of motion, and prevent injuries.

I am heavier than I would like to be. Is pole dance fitness for me? 

Pole dance fitness is a sport that anyone can participate in. Our Lupit pole can withstand a maximum weight of 250 lbs. If you are over that weight, we would love to help you begin your fitness journey with any and all of our off the pole classes. During your pole journey, you will notice an increase in muscle definition and naturally, body slimming. During each class, your whole body is being challenged, as well as your cardio vascular health. And the best part is, you have so much fun while you build confidence and become stronger! 


Can men participate in classes?

 Men have a natural advantage and ability to excel in pole dance fitness. Men are always welcome to join our Beautiful Bodies community and participate in ALL offered classes, courses, and private lessons. 

I have previous pole dance experience, do I have to start in a beginner class? 

We require that everyone begins in our pole fitness 1 class or the beginner course, even if you have previous experience. This is for your safety, the safety of others and the instructor's. We need to accurately assess you in order to place you in the level that best fits your current degree of fitness and experience.


Where do I sign up for classes? Can I just drop in?

We ask students to register for classes, privates, courses, and special events online. Due to limited class availability, we do not accept walk-ins. You can sign up online up to 1 hours before class start time.

Am I allowed to watch class rather than participate?

We do not allow anyone to observe classes. We want our students to feel comfortable as they practice, dance, and enjoy their time with us. This is strictly enforced. We also do not allow children to watch if they are not registered in a class. We do not offer childcare at this time. Bringing an unattended child to class will result in an immediate denial of entry to class without a refund.