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What is the cancellation policy?

Beautiful Bodies has a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 24 hours of your class start time, you will be charged the full amount of the class (no refunds will be made). If you purchased a monthly class pass, 1 class will be lost. Students with unlimited monthly memberships will have a $10 charge added to their account. This policy also applies to anyone who does not show up for their scheduled class time. NO refunds or transfers can be made within this 24 hour cancellation policy. However, services are transferable before the cancellation policy goes into effect. It is your responsibility to be aware of the expiration date of any class pass that you have purchased. The expiration date will not be extended. There are NO refunds available on any of our monthly class passes, unlimited memberships, single class passes, or private lessons.


Do I need dance experience in order to pole dance? 

Absolutely not. You will learn everything you need to in our classes. Pole dance fitness is a sport (an art form) that incorporates gymnastics, dance, yoga, pilates and overall athleticism to enhance health and fitness. 


Is pole dance fitness safe? 

Just in any sport or physical activity, there is always an element of risk. When you first begin your pole dance journey, you will likely experience bruises (we call them pole kisses). As you come more consistently, your skin will become accustomed to the pole, and the bruises will become less, to non-existent. You will also form callouses on your hands and experience sore muscles. It is important to listen to your body and take proper actions to rest and recover; such as taking epsom salt baths, stretching, resting, and staying hydrated.

I have never taken a pole dance fitness class before. What do I wear?

We recommend that you wear shorts and a tank top/sports bra to your pole fitness and dance classes. We need as much skin as possible to be able to grip the pole with our legs, arms, and sides. Nonetheless, we do want you to feel comfortable! Just be aware that leggings and long sleeve tops lead to a lack of grip. Typically, we are barefoot in pole fitness classes; however, heels are welcomed. Heels (with straps) are acceptable in pole dance classes. For your safety, and the safety of other students, NO LOTION is to be worn at least 24 hours before a pole class. Since we live in Arizona, where it is dry, we recommend ALOE VERA GEL as an alternative body moisturizer. Also, NO jewelry (rings or bracelets). These scratch the surface of the poles. Underwear alone is not acceptable attire. For flexibility and handstand classes, leggings are acceptable to wear.


I do not have upper body strength. Will this be an issue?

In all of our classes, we focus on building strength overall. With more practice and consistency, you will gain strength and stability in your upper body, core, lower body, and everywhere else in between. Our pole dance fitness and handstand/acrobatic classes focus on strength, stability, endurance, balance, and coordination.


I am not flexible. Do we focus on flexibility? 

No matter your flexibility level, we offer focused flexibility classes. We also begin and end each class with stretching. Just as building strength takes time, so does flexibility, so just enjoy the process. Our flexibility classes focus on lengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments and actively engaging the small muscles that we often do not use on a regular basis. We will cover both active and passive flexibility in our classes.

I don't know if I fit the 'perfect' pole dancer depiction. Is pole dance fitness for me? 

Pole dance fitness is a sport that anyone can do, no matter your body type, size, or gender. Men are certainly welcome to join our Beautiful Bodies community. During your pole journey, you will notice an increase in muscle definition and naturally, body slimming. During each class, your whole body is being challenged, as well as your cardio vascular health. And the best part is, you have so much fun while you build confidence and become stronger! 

I am under 18 years old. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! We love teaching children and adolescence. We just ask that you have written permission from a parent or legal guardian. Bree has 14 years of experience teaching gymnastics. She loves teaching kids pole dance fitness, handstands and gymnastics skills, flexibility, and calisthenics. Learning about health and wellness at a young age is very important and Beautiful Bodies is the perfect place to do so! While we are in our home studio, we teach ages 6-10 handstand/acro and flexibility; and ages 10+ can participate in all offered classes. 

I have previous pole dance experience, do I have to start in a beginner class? 

Please call or email us. We need to accurately assess you in order to place you in the level that best fits your experience. This is for your safety. It also allows your instructor to lesson plan accordingly.


Where do I sign up for classes? Can I just drop in?

We ask students to register for classes, privates, and special events online under the 'schedule' tab. Due to limited class availability, we do not accept walk-ins. You can sign up online up to 2 hours before class start time.

What happens if I am running late to class?

Pole dance fitness, handstands, and flexibility classes all incorporate full body exercise, and warming up properly is very critical. If you are more than 5 minutes late to class, for your safety, you will not be able to participate. If you do fall in this category, then you will have to reschedule and the cancellation policy will apply. We recommend arriving to class at least 5 minutes before the scheduled class time. If you know that you will be unable to stay for the full length of the class, we ask that you reschedule your class time to a day and time where you can dedicate yourself to the full 75 minutes. 

What happens if I am the only student signed up for class?

If there is only 1 student signed up in a class 2 hours before class starts, there are 2 options. First, we will personally ask students to switch times in order to fill up a class. If switching times does not work, either the class will be canceled (with no penalty) or the student can participate in class, which will then be 50 minutes long. 

What if I do not wish to cancel my unlimited membership, but instead pause it for a month?

Those with an unlimited monthly membership, if at any point you need to pause your monthly membership and automatic payment, please email beautifulbodiesaz@gmail.com at least 15 days before the next scheduled payment occurs. In the email, we require the reason for pausing your monthly membership, the start date that it needs to be paused, and for how many months. If Beautiful Bodies is not notified in writing before the auto payment takes place, there will be no refunds given.


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